Tara FT Sering’s Amazing Grace

The title is a bit off, especially if you’re an anti-religion, former Catholic school boy  freak who knows the song. But still, it’s a Tara Sering book, so it’s easy to assume that the title refers to the ‘amazingness’ of the protagonist whom the author named Grace.

Chick lits often give happy endings a.k.a. closing scenes of a wedding, a wet kiss, make-up sex, what-have-you. “Amazing Grace,” interestingly, does a feminist stance. The couple won’t end up with each other. And it’s not the woman’s fault.

To sum it up: Grace meets Mike (epitome of male beauty, as usual), the two become a couple, the relationship runs for two years, and then the conflict: Mike is assigned to Singapore. Before leaving, however, the guy proposes to Grace, giving her and the readers hope that there will be problems, but things are to end up fine.

In Singapore, Mike meets former classmate  and ex-gf Kaela, and soon the old love resurrects. This however is not revealed until the end, since the book follows Grace’s amazingrace-like chasing after her man. Sensing the doom of her engagement, she immediately flies to Singapore to save Mike, only to find him in a party wrapped around the arms of Kaela. Confrontation ensues.

Grace, dedicated to be victorious in this love battle, follows Mike to Bangkok and Hong Kong along with her sister Lena and new friend Han. Later it is disclosed that Mike has not gone there for work. He has also been following the angry Kaela.

Yes, the book’s a heartbreak. But it’s a woman-empowering (cough, cough) heartbreak. The story ends with a brief talk between Mike and Grace, but sans the drama.  She sets him free, and she feels proud of herself for doing so.

Tara Sering, hands down,  is the best Pinay chick lit writer in town. Her language and literary techniques show that she can write “serious” and “more substantial” stuff, but chooses to stay in the level of the popular because frakk, it’s better to entertain Cosmo readers and earn some money than amuse academicians and hardcore lit geeks.


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